Robert Moore – Is God’s Heart about rules or people?

Robert Moore – Is God’s Heart about rules or people?

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Continuing in Mark chapter 2 where the clash that takes here between Jesus and the Pharisees, is not whether you observe the sabbath but how you observe it.

The Pharisees regarded the sabbath negatively; what you could not do on the sabbath. Even Jesus’ disciples plucking the grain was ‘not lawful’ in their eyes.

In contrast, Jesus regarded the sabbath positively, as freedom from work, a gift to humanity, and an opportunity to exercise compassion and love.

The scribes became so preoccupied with the finer points of the law, they lost the main point of why the sabbath was given in the first place.

The Sabbath was a blessing not a burden; a day of rest.  Jesus came not to abolish the sabbath but to dig it out from under the enormous legalistic burden that had been applied to it by the Scribes.

Are we Christians sometimes not the same? Jesus was rebuking spiritual pride

In verse 5: the Lord Jesus was grieved at their hardness of heart.

Christ worked despite of the hardness of the people there, it was just they missed out on the blessings.

Their reaction was they wanted to destroy Him and plotted with the Herodians…

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