Robert Moore – Fasting, old garments and new wineskins

Robert Moore – Fasting, old garments and new wineskins

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What is the basis of your relationship with God?

Jesus is being questioned about fasting by John the Baptist’s disciples. In our culture, fasting isn’t talked about much anymore, but in the 1st century in Jewish culture it was common to show repentance,  and was done in public so people could see.

Jews fasted culturally on several occasions throughout the year. Twice weekly fasting was a tradition adopted by the legalistic Pharisees.

In Jesus response, he said that nobody fasts at a wedding which is a time of rejoicing, and Jesus claims to be the bridegroom.

This was radical teaching in Jesus’ day, as it cuts across their religiosity and their culture.

We cannot add to Jesus any action and seek to be right with God.

Jesus also illustrated with new patch onto an old garment, and you don’t put new wine into old wine skins.

Jesus was saying: You can’t mix the old religious rituals with the new faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus was introducing a new
covenant of Grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus cannot be added to an existing works based religion.

Jesus is challenging us: Are we imposing our own standards on others and thinking less of them as a result?

Are there any practices that you see as making you more acceptable to God?

Mark 2:18-22

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