Peter Budimir – The True Vine and the Branches

Peter Budimir – The True Vine and the Branches
Book of John

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Now Jesus is talking to his 11 disciples, several days before the cross. Jesus is having a heart to heart
talk to them.

Gradually the disciples were understanding that this was the Light of the world.

Now he’s speaking with his disciples, after having washed their feet in the previous chapter. The God
of heaven and earth stooping to wash feet!? The defining principle was that they might love one another.

The disciples were perplexed, hearing something about betrayal, and that Jesus was going away, and that they couldn’t come. This was because Jesus was going to the cross.

The disciples were disturbed, because Jesus had everything under control, but now he was going away.

In this passage, it is a picture. “I am the true vine, and my father is the vinedresser, and we are the branches”.

Are we abiding in Jesus the True Vine?

John 15

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