Peter Budimir – Jesus (or Pilate?) on Trial

South West Baptist Church
South West Baptist Church
Peter Budimir - Jesus (or Pilate?) on Trial

Peter Budimir shared a very encouraging message in our first online church service; and considered questions of why the COVID-19 virus is happening, the fact that God is in control; and as Christians how we can be an encouragement to people who are having the sense of fear perhaps and uncertainty and for some a sense of hopelessness. 

I want to turn our eyes and our thoughts away from cover-19, and I want to turn them towards Christ and we’ve been looking at the Gospel of John.  It’s been some time now so it’s quite a considerable interlude since we have had come to chapter 18 of John; and we’re going to continue from there we’re going to read in a moment from verse 33 where Jesus now stands before Pilate as the Roman governor as the one who had the authority and the power to to call for his death his crucifixion and we’re going to see something about Christ in this circumstance but we’re going to see something about ourselves as well. 

John 18

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