Bryan Osborne – One Blood, One Race, One Saviour

Bryan Osborne – One Blood, One Race, One Saviour

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Answers in Genesis speaker, Bryan Osborne, shared the importance of the Genesis record and how it is the foundation to many truths.

There is only one race; the human race; with varying skin tones; with many cultures from the tower of Babel; and there are only ‘two races’ spiritually; those that are ‘racing towards God’ and light, and those that are racing away from God and into darkness.

Topics covered include Racism; Eugenics, and Darwin’s ideology, and quotes from Atheists who understand how important the Genesis account is; if Genesis is not true, then the fall did not happen; and there is no need for atonement of sin; and thus no need of a Redeemer.

What does it mean to have one human race, one blood, and most importantly One Savior : the Lord Jesus Christ!

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