Peter Budimir – The Wonder of Christmas

South West Baptist Church
South West Baptist Church
Peter Budimir - The Wonder of Christmas

If you were to think about the 2 great wonders of Christmas, what would you say?

In 2 Corinthians 8:9 the Apostle Paul talks about giving, and in the process of trying to describe what it is to give, he goes back to Christ.

The first wonder of Christmas was Christ who was rich became poor.  The second wonder is that we through Christ’s poverty might become rich.

Do you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Peter Budimir shared this poem below…

Christmas comes again, a Christmas broken, each year it seems that Christ is less spoken
Santa and gifts and self fill the story, whilst God Incarnate dims and his glory

Rather embrace the lie that all is well, that sin matters not, that there is no hell,
that God sent his Son for no other sake than to give us excuse to celebrate

But the truth is not so, we cannot hide from sorrow, from death, from the ache deep inside
the war and strife this broken world bestows, as the fruit of our strain grows and grows

The pain in our heart, the struggle, the fear, never find rest in the tinsel and cheer
But God became man to die on a tree, to rescue our souls and to set us free

If truth we forsake and hold to the lie, the loss is our own, and though we may try,
our empty hearts to fill with festive sound without Christ no hope can ever be found

So Christmas comes again, Christmas restored, so those in whose hearts the Christ child’s adored
who’s life now tell a lovelier store, transformed, filled with hope and praising his Glory.


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